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Posted by garethwatkins on March 12, 2009

I thought a quick update on my life would be appropriate about now as I otherwise appear to have disappeared off the metaphorical face of the internet.

Due to illness, committments (no, not the film) and work I have been otherwise engaged. I’ve had two days of meetings in a foreign land (OK, Birmingham, but if you’ve ever been there you would understand), a course on communication (which I pretty much dominated with my communications) and minor theft and vandalism (victim rather than perpetrator).

I will probably include events and learns (a rather unpleasant term which is becoming an irritatingly frequent intruder upon certain meetings) from the last few days in later posts. But I first have to establish which official (and non official) NDAs are restricting me.

I will also continue my over-use of parentheses due to my rather unhealthy obsession with asides (embarrassingly, I failed to develop a witty comment to add here – feel free to create one of your own that amuses you).

(now feel free to laugh aloud (but alone) at your own witicism)

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