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Braindump 31/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 31, 2009

Remember people, try not to be the one tomorrow. I’m already involved in one that may result in an aneurysm. The malicious infliction of pain upon a coworker is fun.

Each one is the basis for movie. Or, at least, an episode of an average teen-angst drama.

Earth Hour pics. From one of the best photojournalism blogs out there.

I can’t help myself, I want one.

Intelligent conversation between two people who know what they’re talking about. If only all TV could be like this.


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Braindump 30/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 30, 2009

I’ve managed to fight the urge to rant about C4’s Sex Ed v Porn show that was on this evening. It’s a four part show and I should give them the next three episodes to redeem themselves. Although I suspect Ofcom will be busy sifting through complaints from cun…people irrationally upset tomorrow.

Also, April 1st is coming, so expect a look back at the duping of a nation soon. And don’t consider yourself too smart. Even the most prepared people fall for one.

This highlights something that came up today: the stupidity of people (regardless of subject matter). And the chosen topic for stupidty today was not religion based.

It also fits nicely with an argument a friend of mine recently made (far more eloquently than I could have managed).

I’m strangely interested to see how successful this is. So if anyone uses it, please let me know. It’s got a good name, and I’m a big believer that a good name is a great start (yup, as I typed that my smile was cheesy and I put the guns up with the thumbs up!).

Edison would have filled his pants if he’d seen this.

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Braindump 28/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 29, 2009

Let this be a lesson to you all.

This might be taking things a little too far.

Wonder what the odds are on when the first wil go completely loopy. Didn’t Channel 5 try something like this year ago?

Seriously screwed up sentencing. So much of this confuses me that I’m not sure where to start.

I suspect that in zero gravity the consumption is the least of their problems.

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Braindump 27/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 28, 2009

Yup, they got me at “Mike Tyson?

More excited than you can possibly imagine.

Learn online.

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Braindump 26/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 27, 2009

So tempted.

Awesome parenting.

I’d have prefered him to take on Jeremy instead.

Not as good as his Single Ladies, but this man deserves attention. And his mrs isn’t hard to look at either.

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New article: Rant

Posted by garethwatkins on March 25, 2009

I’ve just posted a new article under a new section I’m going to call rant. I’d love to think that there won’t be too many articles jumping up in there any time soon, but unfortunately I just don’t hold out too much faith for the world.

Direct link to the rant.

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Braindump 24/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 25, 2009

Yes, I realise it’s late. Consider it a mental form of constipation brought about by having to do the early-start/late-finish thing today.

Been doing the rounds for a few days now, but very good none the less.

The first of many, inevitable, bacon related posts. I have a small obsession with the stuff. You’ll get used to it.

They have to go with his name.

Go on, admit it. You wish you thought of it.

OK, I admit it, inside I’m still 6. This made me laugh.

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Braindump 23/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 23, 2009

Weird day today. It feels like someone forgot to hit refresh on the internet. Nothing seemed to change over night. There was just very little that was new. Even the television tonight has failed me (except, of course, The Gadget Show, which regularly entertains). I only managed to find a couple of things that really grabbed my attention today. And that took some serious searching.

Despite doing the thing I most hate with list articles (putting each image on a different page simply for the sake of upping their click count), these are pretty good.

I don’t want toys of them, I want one of me. There must be a sight out there that does makes action figures of you. If not, I’ve just found my ¬£million making idea.

EDIT – Damn it! One day I’ll come up with an idea that hasn’t already been had.

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Braindump 22/01/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 23, 2009


Microsoft want to encourage you to use Silverlight, so they pay for this to exist. Genius (SFW, initially)

And for something even more SFW, some amazing melons.

There are lots of these out there, but this one has a narrative.

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Red pepper soup recipe

Posted by garethwatkins on March 22, 2009

Slight change of direction with this new article. It’s the recipe for one of the few things I can make really, really well.

At some point I’m hoping to add either some photos or a video showing how I make it and what it ends up looking like, but for now I’ll just leave the recipe there.

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