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Braindump 20/09/09

Posted by garethwatkins on September 20, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins go all NIN on us.

Yes it’s an advert, but it’s mesmerising. If they want viewers to stop skipping ad breaks on their V+ box (ro Sky+, if you’re that way inclined), make adverts as good as this.

I really like this idea.

Just plain cool.

Part of me can’t help thinking that they should have arrested the men, but not freed the women.

Awesome, creepy, obsessive.

This was apparently released by NASA, who are now my favourite space agency for sure.

A little bit of me is sad as this may well be the most interesting thing that ever happens to this man. Stil, great pub story.

Want to watch Hulu from the UK? Here’s how. This is probably legally dubious, so use it at your own risk.

One of the single best Parkour/Freerunning videos I’ve ever seen. The movement is incredible, the video’s well made, the soundtrack’s great, I could rave about this for ages.

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World Freerun Championships 2009

Posted by garethwatkins on August 17, 2009

As controversial as this event always is and there is no question that the people who went enjoyed it. I personally had an incredible time.

I was lucky enough to win tickets into the slightly dubiously named Golden Circle through @LDN on Twitter, although I get the impression that there wasn’t really a bad view from anywhere. Except maybe the VIP section.

Rather than get involved in another argument on the interent about the merits of this event, I’m simply going to post up a few pictures to let people see what was going on in Trafalgar Square last Saturday.

A few pictures from Saturday’s big event.

This was happening in the heart of London, surrounded by some of the capital’s greatest landmarks (and even built onto one!), in the middle of tourist season on a sunny day. How amazing is London!?! On top of all the joy of watching the championships, I had a genuine sense of joy that it was all happening in my city.

And then you add on top of that the inclusion of breakdance crews, Diversity and The Pete Box. Now that’s a show!

On a format note, I’d allow competitors the introduction before starting their 60 seconds. Make it 60 seconds from the first move rather than the start of the music and it would be easier for them as well as the audience.

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Braindump 01/06/09

Posted by garethwatkins on June 2, 2009

Sell your photos online.

Actually looks promising.

I read about this a few years ago and it still excites me today. Can’t wait to go and see it.

Get your ideas made.

Well that’s my child’s bedroom sorted. Will have to sort the whole child thing out at some point too.

Yes, I don’t need one, but I want one.

Unbelievable. Nice finish too.

Secret travelling eaterie. Apparently the food is far more gourmet than the name suggests.

More secrecy…a Twitter game. By invite only at the moment, but we know that Keving Rose is playing it and loving it.

Microsoft’s Bing is luanched. Early reports suggest goodness.

Google plays one-up with Microsft and launches Wave.

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Braindump 02/04/09

Posted by garethwatkins on April 3, 2009

It’s heavy. Real heavy. It’s a megadump. Be prepared to wipe. Hard.

Each one is the basis for movie. Or, at least, an episode of an average teen-angst drama.

Earth hour pics. From one of the best photojournalism blogs out there.

I can’t help myself, I want one.

Intelligent conversation between two people who know what they’re talking about. If only all TV could be like this.


Interesting concept bar.

Elton John really likes him some hip hop.

I don’t always agree with him, but my god that man can turn a phrase.

Can’t believe i haven’t posted more parkour stuff. Really nice video from some great practitioners.

Loving it musically. Gets a bit weird towards the end of the video though.

Winner. Irritatingly, already out of context.

Loser. Well, initially anyway. Might turn out alright in the long run.*

More free NIN music.

*What? You spotted that? I told you we all fall for them.

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Braindump 16/03/09 (part 2, at the end of the day, not the start)

Posted by garethwatkins on March 16, 2009

An unfortunately brief Braindump today due to an unusual event towards the end of my working day. While typing an email, my computer stopped. No BSoD. No warning. No error message. Just stopped.

For the last couple of weeks the fan has been making some asthmatic sounds, but the computer has still been running smoothly. Today, sans warning, the fan gave up the ghost and fell on it’s sword in order to save my CPU (I hope!). later, on it’s third attempt to rise, it breathed long enough to tell me it had suffered a “thermal error.” As a result, the notes for this Braindump were lost. Below are the only two links I can recall, which may make this the most honest braindump yet.

If anything is recoverably tomorrow I will include them in my next dump (fnar!).

I went with #tv, #blogger and #tech. Was tempted to list myself as a celebrity just to see if anyone would pick up on it.

One of the most amazing action films of recent years is about to be remade by Hollywood. I have no idea who you get to replace the original leads.

To explain that last point, here’s the opening chase sequence. The lead used no wires and no stunt doubles!

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Braindump 05/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 6, 2009

iPhone app that came in handy today

A whole lot of awesome

The site my sister manages

Great news

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