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Braindump 30/04/09

Posted by garethwatkins on April 30, 2009

I wish I had the financial backing to even have ideas like this.

Listen to your elders.

This’ll make your head hurt.

What worries me is that this is real.

Google slipping through the back door to social networking.

See if you can work out the number of layers involved in this.

Well that’s breakfast sorted.

Fan fiction at it’s best.

This is genius.

I found a woman making a phonecall in a nightie.

This is almost enough to make me celebrate my next birthday.


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Braindump 12/04/09

Posted by garethwatkins on April 13, 2009

A site I love is offering a free ebook (that’s not actually the easiest phrase to vocalise). Check it out.

Showing off, really, really well!

…otherwise distracted at the wheel…” What, like by a car with a 12 foot mast on it’s roof?

I’ve always been a bit of a t-shirt freak, so this would be great. Of course, I could just take a pair of shears to an ordinary notebook.

Could someone please forward this on to my hotel of choice in Manchester? And please add this note: “Your streaky bacon is awesome (please ensure there is some available next time), but your scrambled eggs are not prize winners.” Thanks

If you like your words, like me, and you have an iPhone, like me, then you’ll probably like this, like me. Best feature? Its audio pronounciation function. The perfect use of the new medium. And, if you’re actually 7, like me, you’ll be pleased to know that it swears!

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Braindump 24/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 25, 2009

Yes, I realise it’s late. Consider it a mental form of constipation brought about by having to do the early-start/late-finish thing today.

Been doing the rounds for a few days now, but very good none the less.

The first of many, inevitable, bacon related posts. I have a small obsession with the stuff. You’ll get used to it.

They have to go with his name.

Go on, admit it. You wish you thought of it.

OK, I admit it, inside I’m still 6. This made me laugh.

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