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Braindump 18/08/09

Posted by garethwatkins on August 18, 2009

How much more effort would you put in to make your voice heard at work if you thought there was quantifiable financial reward?

No worries honey, I’ll get the parcel from the “post office.”

Worth keeping an eye on in case one of those choice rubber plant shots you snapped in Venezuela suddenly become needed.

It’s wrong that I want most of these hoodies, isn’t it?

I’m definitely getting old. More and more board games are starting to appeal to me.

Travis Pastrana’s life makes me jealous every time I see him on TV.

These not only appeal to my creeping board-game desires, but also to a slightly worrying need to touch them.

Turns out he’s more than a one man music machine.

Augmented reality is coming. It’s one of the first future technology hype stories I’ve believed in a long time.

Ignoring the woefully poor understanding of parkour (from an agency that has covered it numerous times), this man is pretty impressive.

Stop motion at it’s best.

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World Freerun Championships 2009

Posted by garethwatkins on August 17, 2009

As controversial as this event always is and there is no question that the people who went enjoyed it. I personally had an incredible time.

I was lucky enough to win tickets into the slightly dubiously named Golden Circle through @LDN on Twitter, although I get the impression that there wasn’t really a bad view from anywhere. Except maybe the VIP section.

Rather than get involved in another argument on the interent about the merits of this event, I’m simply going to post up a few pictures to let people see what was going on in Trafalgar Square last Saturday.

A few pictures from Saturday’s big event.

This was happening in the heart of London, surrounded by some of the capital’s greatest landmarks (and even built onto one!), in the middle of tourist season on a sunny day. How amazing is London!?! On top of all the joy of watching the championships, I had a genuine sense of joy that it was all happening in my city.

And then you add on top of that the inclusion of breakdance crews, Diversity and The Pete Box. Now that’s a show!

On a format note, I’d allow competitors the introduction before starting their 60 seconds. Make it 60 seconds from the first move rather than the start of the music and it would be easier for them as well as the audience.

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Braindump 21/07/09

Posted by garethwatkins on July 21, 2009

Very smart viral marketing.

They really should be employing inmates time for more productive inventions. Some of them are geniuses.

If I hadn’t watched this, the accident that is inevitable next time I visit a pub wouldn’t happen.


God is very quick these days.

It’s nice that they realise it too. And I mean the proverbial “they,” not Asians specifically.

Want one. Now!

This shouldn’t work anywhere near as well as it does.

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Braindump 18/07/09

Posted by garethwatkins on July 18, 2009

I have no idea why or what, it just is.

Want one.

Can’t help thinking there are other areas of life that need things like these.

For the take aways that accompany movie night.

It may be in French, but it’s pretty self explanatory.

For those that missed this, I wish I’d been there.

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Review: Terminator Salvation

Posted by garethwatkins on June 17, 2009

My review of Terminator Salvation is now up in the articles section.

Direct link

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Braindump 01/06/09

Posted by garethwatkins on June 2, 2009

Sell your photos online.

Actually looks promising.

I read about this a few years ago and it still excites me today. Can’t wait to go and see it.

Get your ideas made.

Well that’s my child’s bedroom sorted. Will have to sort the whole child thing out at some point too.

Yes, I don’t need one, but I want one.

Unbelievable. Nice finish too.

Secret travelling eaterie. Apparently the food is far more gourmet than the name suggests.

More secrecy…a Twitter game. By invite only at the moment, but we know that Keving Rose is playing it and loving it.

Microsoft’s Bing is luanched. Early reports suggest goodness.

Google plays one-up with Microsft and launches Wave.

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Braindump 20/05/09

Posted by garethwatkins on May 20, 2009

Where’re your “shields” now, Kirk?

Awesome music video.

If this is filmed on a Red One, why such low quality on the website? (yeah, like I was concerned about the camera they filmed it on)


Seriously, why aren’t you out getting rejected by women who are way too hot for you?

Not just awesome, but highlighting my opinion that there can be “alternative” solutions to apparently unsolvable problems.

Friday afternoons at Google are a distinct benefit to all of us. Yes, this falls into the awesome catagory.

Nice idea, but I can’t help thinking the people this is designed for might just deserve it. Natural selection and all that.

I’m not sure why exactly I would ever need these, but I want some none the less. Just to scatter about the place, perhaps.

So that’s how they made it. I’m assuming you’ve seen the original. If not, check it out first.


Money for writing? Ingenius idea.

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Braindump 30/04/09

Posted by garethwatkins on April 30, 2009

I wish I had the financial backing to even have ideas like this.

Listen to your elders.

This’ll make your head hurt.

What worries me is that this is real.

Google slipping through the back door to social networking.

See if you can work out the number of layers involved in this.

Well that’s breakfast sorted.

Fan fiction at it’s best.

This is genius.

I found a woman making a phonecall in a nightie.

This is almost enough to make me celebrate my next birthday.

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Review: X-Men Origins: Woverine

Posted by garethwatkins on April 28, 2009

My first review of Wolverine is now up in the articles section. I may well amend or append this at a later date, but it’s up and ready to go.

Direct link.

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Braindump 25/04/09

Posted by garethwatkins on April 25, 2009

A collection of the stuff that interested me this week. Being insanely busy and riotously popular has lead to a decline in posts of late. I shall try to discourage my friends from requesting face time so much in future.

On the upside though, I hope to have a Wolverine review up late on Monday night. The proper film that is, not the FX-less leaked viersion.

Best crazy straw ever! And a great company name to boot.

I love these guys’ work. Great marketing.

Will the uses for the iPhone ever end?

I want to see this. A bit NSFW



Want one.

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