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Braindump 20/05/09

Posted by garethwatkins on May 20, 2009

Where’re your “shields” now, Kirk?

Awesome music video.

If this is filmed on a Red One, why such low quality on the website? (yeah, like I was concerned about the camera they filmed it on)


Seriously, why aren’t you out getting rejected by women who are way too hot for you?

Not just awesome, but highlighting my opinion that there can be “alternative” solutions to apparently unsolvable problems.

Friday afternoons at Google are a distinct benefit to all of us. Yes, this falls into the awesome catagory.

Nice idea, but I can’t help thinking the people this is designed for might just deserve it. Natural selection and all that.

I’m not sure why exactly I would ever need these, but I want some none the less. Just to scatter about the place, perhaps.

So that’s how they made it. I’m assuming you’ve seen the original. If not, check it out first.


Money for writing? Ingenius idea.

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