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Braindump 06/04/09

Posted by garethwatkins on April 7, 2009

Firstly, I’m going to apologise. I feel I’ve not been providing enough of my own “content.” Rest assured, I am working on stuff. I’m working on a language related article. It’s just taking a little longer than some of my other stuff as it might be something I can relate to work, which requires a little more caution, clarity and consitency. I also had the pleasure today of receiving my Flip HD, which means I may start getting some video footage up here soon. How soon depends on how quickly I can get my head round the editing software I’ll need to use. I’m only trained on one kind at the moment.

Oooh, pwetty.

Just for the headline.

Brilliant phone filmed short with a message.

I want a go!

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