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Braindump 18/03/09

Posted by garethwatkins on March 19, 2009

I realise I haven’t posted anything of significance recently, so I’m aiming to get something out there soon. For now, the braindumps will have to suffice.

Incidentally, I got my first not-totally-spam comment the other day. It was kind of spam, but it was nice to get something that didn’t get sent straight to the spam folder. And for that I’m happy to point you to the comment on the zombie thread. And it is actually quite an amusing website.

My favourite image today. Which those who follow me on twitter may already know.

iPhone updates at last. A million fanboys say thank you for something we should have already had.

Smell like Star Trek. Why would you want to?

When I heard him say it I nearly hyperventilated laughing. most inappropriate comment on MOTD ever.

One Response to “Braindump 18/03/09”

  1. A. Morisson said

    Ha! I think you were referring to my posting. And, yes. I’m not spam!

    I like your blog. Keep it up.


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