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Braindump 16/03/09 (part 2, at the end of the day, not the start)

Posted by garethwatkins on March 16, 2009

An unfortunately brief Braindump today due to an unusual event towards the end of my working day. While typing an email, my computer stopped. No BSoD. No warning. No error message. Just stopped.

For the last couple of weeks the fan has been making some asthmatic sounds, but the computer has still been running smoothly. Today, sans warning, the fan gave up the ghost and fell on it’s sword in order to save my CPU (I hope!). later, on it’s third attempt to rise, it breathed long enough to tell me it had suffered a “thermal error.” As a result, the notes for this Braindump were lost. Below are the only two links I can recall, which may make this the most honest braindump yet.

If anything is recoverably tomorrow I will include them in my next dump (fnar!).

I went with #tv, #blogger and #tech. Was tempted to list myself as a celebrity just to see if anyone would pick up on it.

One of the most amazing action films of recent years is about to be remade by Hollywood. I have no idea who you get to replace the original leads.

To explain that last point, here’s the opening chase sequence. The lead used no wires and no stunt doubles!

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