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Review: Prodigy – Invaders Must Die

Posted by garethwatkins on March 4, 2009

1 Invaders Must Die – strong old-school opening that lets you know what to expect and who you’re getting it from.
2 Omen – the first single and a cracking track, bridging the divide between the Fat of the Land material and Spitfire (skipping over the slightly confused period in the middle of it all).
3 Thunder – a dubby dance number that is almost Experience-like and undoubtedly sounds awesome in a nightclub with darting lazers and bursting strobes.
4 Colours – a little like a filler rejected from Jilted Generation.
5 Take me to the Hospital – shades of Out of Space, but doesn’t suffer for it.
6 Warrior’s Dance – the vocals of a far more mainstream dance number, with the bass and aggression of a dirty Prodigy number. Will make cars bounce if you turn the volume up too far. It sounds like the start of the concert.
7 Run with the Wolves – almost definitely a single. Definitely to be played at midnight, or once there is room on the dancefloor for leeroy like arm wheeling.
8 Omen Reprise – well, what do you think?
9 World’s on Fire – classic Prodigy anthemic dancing with the occassional early 90s acid house moment.
10 Piranha – exactly what you would expect World’s on Fire to seague into.
11 Stand Up – sounds strangley like Sonic Youth infiltrated the studio.

Overall it’s not quite Music for the Jilted Generation (the benchmark for all the Prodigy’s work, if not all dance music), but it makes an admirable effort to get there. The real test will be when I listen to it on my iPod during a long haul flight or on the stereo on my next road trip. I’ve always been able to listen to Jilted Generation on repeat in those circumstances, I’ll just have to wait and see if Invaders can live up to that test.

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